Parents, to make it easier to find your athlete we are offering Special Request Game Day Photos.

Here's how it works...
Use this page to place your request. Once I receive the request, I'll capture 15 - 20 images of your athlete and upload the images to their own folder making it much easier for you to find online. You can then chose how you want to purchase your images or if you want to use them for any of the other products I offer on my site.

Also, all special request photos are enhanced and color corrected!

Please note that when or if you see me shooting during the games, there are no guarantees that I am capturing photos of your player, but if you want to make sure that I do... This is the process I use to guarantee that I get images of your player!

Currently, you have to sift through hundreds of images trying to see if I captured pictures of your athlete. Remember, I am taking random photos out there and unless you have requested this service there are no guarantees that I would have captured that special play, catch, run, pancake block, or devastating tackle unless you have requested me to do so.

I ask for 24 to 48 hours advance notice before coming out to your game. If you make the request and I fail to their photos you will be fully refunded. ALL PAID SPECIAL REQUEST ARE FOR ME TO CAPTURE YOUR ATHLETE'S PHOTOS ONLY! HOW YOU CHOOSE TO PURCHASE IS TOTALLY SEPARATE.

Just use the BUY NOW button below and I'll see you at the game!

Player's Name - Jers# - Class

***Please note that you can make special request for more than just one game.

If you have any additional questions please contact me direct @ 404-455-1696.

Thank you,

Mike McClellan